My name’s David, I’m 33, and I live in Wellington in Shropshire with my wonderful, crazy family.  I’m married to the long-suffering and ever patient Kimberley, and we have 3 littlies, A E, and S.

I’m a church leader in the Church of England, but before this I spent around 9 years teaching Geography to teenagers, and walking around with a walkie-talkie being paid to look grumpy and drink coffee.  I’m passionate about getting the church excited about Jesus, and showing all of God’s people, big and small, that they have a ministry, a calling, and that the things of the Holy Spirit are for every single follower of Jesus.  I’m equally passionate about adoption and fostering- and encouraging the church to rise up to love vulnerable children.

I’m also passionate about good coffee, local coffee shops, and very unhealthy breakfasts!